Caring For Your Epoxy Floor

After spending time and money on brand new epoxy floors (or countertops), you might be wondering what the best ways are to keep them clean and looking new. Luckily, epoxy is very easy to clean. So let’s dive right in!

Mopping the Floor

For regular cleaning of your floor, a simple dust mop will work wonders. Applying your dust mop around once a week is the best way to clean epoxy floors and to gather up strangling dust or dirt. If desired, you can also take a hose to wash down your entire floor and then use a squeegee to absorb the residue. Every three or four months a more vigorous scrub may be required to obtain a clean epoxy floor. This is especially the case when your floor is heavily trafficked by machinery. You’ll need a hard foam mop, as a string mop will leave streak marks and will not clean your epoxy floors with the most efficiency.

Cleaning Products

As for Epoxy floor cleaning products, it’s highly recommended to use an 8:1 ratio of simple green in a spray bottle mixed with hot water. Another option for cleaning your floors is applying one half of a cup of ammonia to a gallon of hot water. After applying these solutions to your floor, you can easily let the floor air dry, but to speed up the process, a clean towel can be used.


While an ammonia or simple green solution will work wonders to keep your epoxy floor clean, extra care will be required to keep the professional gloss coating in the event of staining. For this use a still nylon brush with a stronger simple green solution. However, if you apply too much force to your cleaning, there is a chance that your epoxy floor might become less glossy, so make sure to take that precaution.


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