Why Epoxy?

Epoxy is not really well known - and we think that's a shame! Epoxy is one of the most durable and versatile materials out there. They look beautiful, and at the same time protect your concrete or wood sub-floors from damage like cracks or stains. Thinking about getting epoxy done in your home or business? Let's dive into why it is such an amazing material!


Typically when you step into a garage it is dark and not so inviting. Epoxy floors brighten up the space, and give your garage a clean and professional look. But epoxy's application doesn't stop in garages; you could upgrade your basement or "man-cave" with amazing metallic epoxy. Sick of your formica kitchen counters? With epoxy you can transform them to look like brand new marble counters! Epoxy can even be used in industrial settings, protecting the concrete below from heavy machinery and foot traffic. On top of looking great and having versatility in application, not much of anything will stick to epoxy, so cleaning up messes is super easy. Learn more about how to care for your epoxy floors here.


Compared to other types of flooring, the per square foot cost of epoxy floors are tough to beat. Since it can be installed directly over concrete and other flooring types, the installation costs are quite a bit lower than the others. Pricing remains one of the biggest and the most immediate advantages you’ll find with epoxy flooring.


Bacteria and germs are one of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to carpeting and tile, they can hide in the fibers and the grout in-between tiles. Epoxy on the other hand is resistant to germs and bacteria, making them a great choice if you worry about the health of you children in your home; they can also be an excellent choice for hospitals and clinics!

But besides germs, epoxy is resistant to almost anything that's out there; oil, bleach, and most chemical spills will not affect the epoxy. To top this all off, epoxy is also heat and water resistant! This level of resistance is why epoxy is a great choice in industrial or commercial settings, where spills are frequent.


When looking at durability, the only material that will beat epoxy is concrete - and for most applications, the epoxy is applied directly on the concrete (in some situations the epoxy is applied on wood if no concrete is present), making the floor extremely durable. 


When applied correctly, epoxy should last for at least 10 years without cracking or peeling. It is one of the longest lasting materials out there, which makes it a great choice when you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck.

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